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Thank You

For all the love you've given me.. I thank you For all the effort just to be with me.. I thank you For all memories you made with me.. I thank you For all the laughters you shared with me.. I thank you For all the tears you've stopped for me.. I thank you  For all the patience you've showed me.. I thank you For all the pain you've felt for me.. I thank you For all the sacrifice you've made for me.. I thank you For all that, and for the more to come, I thank you!

Jangan Sesali

Apa sih maumu? Selalu muncul di saat kutak inginkan Selalu hilang di saat kurindukan Apa yang kaupikirkan? Bahwa ku kan slalu menantimu? Bahwa akulah labuhan terakhirmu? Tidakkah kau sadar Aku juga manusia Ku perlu tuk mencinta Aku bukan pion caturmu Yang kau mainkan saat kauingin Dan kau tinggalkan saat kaubosan Aku tak ingin seperti ini Kupunya hidupku sendiri Kuingin putuskan di sini Bila nanti kau kembali Jangan pernah kausesali Bukan salahku tuk kini pergi

Steps With You

Can I do those steps with you After all that we've had After passed the tiring journey I do want to be with you But I'm afraid if I can do Walk the steps with you You know who I am You know all my weaknesses All those imperfect me If I do surrender myself Would you take care of it all your life? Would you stay the same you are?

Not Because

It was not because of you It was all because of me Not that you're not good enough It's that I want more for me Not because you're not here Distance shouldn't be a problem Not because you're younger Age don't promise matureness Not because you're not eligible You're so much a better guy Not because of your family You do have a nice one Not because everything about you It's because everything about me Maybe you came not in the right time Cuz I've had enough about all such thing


I'm sorry.. let me entered your life let your heart bloomed let you think I'm special let you be the guardian let you take that place let you went upside down let me be a stranger let your heart hates me let us drown apart ..not to let you in to my heart Because I like you so much But I don't wanna lose you I want you to be my special friend But I don't want to go further Please do forgive me Because inside here I'm hurt, too To see you hurt like that Because I turned your heart down

My Precious One

OK, I'm the loser You are the winner Of this test you and I were in That wasn't meant to be so mean But you have made it You've convinced me you're worth it To spend a lifetime with you isn't what I'll regret To have you is a blessing that I'll get I have now the understanding That I love you above anything And for the weary nights that I've had Becuz of denying the feelings that I felt I don't do the same mistake To lose you again for any sake You are my precious one To be far from you, that I don't want Life has taught me a great lesson The best thing always back for a reason A reason that brings life a meaning A reason worths sacrificing And you, were never too far Even when I refused you for who you were Cuz true love has no bitter ending Your love for me is a never ending