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Poem For My Bride Sister

A sister was born when I was four years old
An independent girl, oh she's smart and bold

She followed me around, I considered annoying
Years later I found, it was me she was admiring

Funny how we figure out, she became my soul mate
God had designed us as sisters; it is out fate

To have someone that always supporting and care
A soul who accepts and gives the best of prayer

Who listens when you don't have the voice
Who will find you doors when they say you don't have a choice

Who reads your face; you don't even have to write
Who will light the room up in a dark stormy night

When Daddy passed away, I felt responsible
But my baby sister is no longer so little

Today I see you here standing so beautiful; such a doll
In a white wedding gown so purely as your soul

Wearing the smile the man beside you have given
Your life will start anew; a book to be written

A love that will keep you alive and safe, even without me
But far apart we may, sisters we'll always be

This poem was my wedding gift …