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Can You Hear

Can you hear me calling you?
I don't want to
But my heart is bleeding
Just to see you again

Not Easy

It's not easy to let go
The best of friend
The father figure
The brother in need

The sun in the rain
The moon in the night
The wind in desert
The traveling companion 

The purpose of all
The reason behind
The other half
The love of your life

But if it has to be done so
The way it supposed to be
The price I have to pay
Then let it be

You Don't Know

You don't know how it feels
To love someone you shouldn't
When you let it all come in to you
But knowing you'll have to lose it

You don't know my struggle
Upon those feelings I keep inside
Against the force to let you go
But this is what I should do

It feels hard for you
As it is hard for me
To fight the power of true love
In this mediocre real world
They don't understand

You don't know His plans on us
I don't know it either, babe
But even we are not together
This love will stay
For eternity