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I wish you are happy with her...

Don't Love Me

You said you are interested
What if I don't?
You think I'm like an angel
What if I'm not?

You came on a little closer
What if I say you shouldn't?
You wanna go on with this
What if I simply wouldn't?

Don't love me
Is the best I can suggest you
Don't be near me
Is what you should do

I'm just the one who'll hurt you
And I don't want it to be
I'm not your angel for sure
Just some small part of your story

Do Me Good

Dec 2010

Will you help me to understand?
Not about this feeling that you feed
It's already bloomed faster than a spring

Don't I deserve an explanation?
Of all the how are yous and what you're doings
As if you care about me that much

Can you tell me now then
What's going on between us
What's the meaning of all this?

Because my heart is seeking for you
And when you're around it's greeting you
Which torture me much cuz I can't see you

So please do me good and tell me
About whatever you're hiding behind me
And whatever lies in what you show me