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This Tears

This tears will become my power The strength to hold on The will to move on The ground to build on This tears will be a past soon It will become a joyous smile A triumph over the many miles The struggle we have will be worthwhile


-Feb 14, 2014- Sebuah senyum manis terpampang Menyimpan luka dalam terpendam Bilakah dapat kulepas genggam Membebas rasa yang remuk redam Bilakah langit bertindak kejam Melarangmu untuk kupandang Sebelum mata ini mulai memejam Kusisip doa untukmu sayang..

Teach Me

Teach me how to live without seeing your beautiful eyes in everything that I see Teach me how to breathe without smelling you in the air the scent that brings me memories Teach me how to move on without staring at the trails that you left on the road Teach me how to accept without looking at the faults but focus on the good instead Teach me how to love without comparing or accusing just to love with all my heart

Too Much

I'm sorry If I can't get you out of my mind In every thing that I do You are dancing in my thoughts I'm sorry If I think about you all the time Soon after I open my eyes and wake up To the moment I'm going to bed at night I'm sorry If I make you my priority I really can't get another order You always come on top I'm sorry If I love you so much More than I should ever feel More than I could ever show I'm sorry But I love you too much