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Our Last Summer

Uh-oh, what is this?

A glimpse of a bliss

Like thunder in July it came all over

Images of an adventure in one hot summer
It was just like yesterday

When I first knew you in such way

With all those rush things we did together

But we weren't meant for each other
Then you were gone, you left me alone

Like they never meant anything I was abandoned

And days went by as the years followed

To where we stand now we were delivered
Suddenly today, you just popped back in

Asking me delightly a chance for a meeting

Whether this is a good thing, I don't have a clue

You ruined my whole system from out of the blue
But I'm glad that you're doing fine

Just to know that you still remember by saying hi

When all I wanted to say is 'I miss you' this whole time..

But this is just enough for now I have my own guy