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Suddenly, I'm falling in love again...

... and it tastes so sweet
it feels so beautiful
it makes me go wondering
and smiling and daydreaming...

... it drives me crazy
but crazy in love is way better
and I'm so much better now,
thanks to you!

Could It Be?

Could it be
that you are just an imagination
I think of when I saw you
fulfills half of my expectation?

Could it be
that I made up the other half
just to make you complete
as the perfect figure here on my mind?

Could it be
that actually no one in this world
can ever meet with the standard we set
and simply no one is a perfect match?

Could it be
that you are actually no one to me
that you are just another passerby
that we are not destined to be anyhow?

Could it be
that you maybe the one for me
that we might be together forever
tho we both know it's just a lame daydream?

Could it be
that there is no such reason
that maybe we just met in random
tho my heart longs for some kind of fairy tale?

Could it be... ?

Kamu di Sana

Kamu datang.
Tak kuduga.

Kamu menarik.
Buatku melirik.
Tak bisa lari lagi.

Kamu ada. Kausapa jiwa ini. Tak pernah kusangka.

Kamu menjauh.
Tak bisa kumengerti.
Kamu masih di sini.
Hatiku bersemi.
Tapi tak kupahami.

Hei kamu yang di sana.
Kuharap kau menetap.
Tak pergi jauh.

Love Misery

April 28, 2011

I can't understand love
Comes unexpected
So fast and wild
It drives us nuts

I don't understand my heart
Beats faster when in danger
Won't slow down when being warned
Dreams of an adventure of itself

Why should I feel this
If there is that thin line of warning
Why don't they just leave me
Maybe it's better to be empty

I don't know if this is a curse
I feel so tired already by now
When love should be killed
Before it's even bloomed

Perhaps love just isn't in my way
Maybe it's not for me at all
For love is always a misery to me
I really should get used of this...