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Your fingers were entwined with mine

Your lips were locked between mine

For that short hours you were mine

And my heart and soul are all thine

Wrong Arrows

Once upon a time 
Faith had made them met
Love struck between two hearts
Blooming rapidly and uncontrollably

God has His own way
To show His love and power
Why is it now and why is it you
We'll never know, it's His mystery

Had it been earlier
Things wouldn't be this complicated

You asked, "where had you been all my life?"
I said, "maybe I was busy growing up"
Then you smiled and kissed my eyes
"which made me love you so much now"

Once upon a time
God was acting as a cupid
Perhaps He gave out the wrong arrows
But then again maybe He was right after all

Senja Menjelang

Senja menjelang
Mentari bergerak perlahan
Lalu hilang di peraduan

Langit lembayung
Ombak menderu berpacu
Perasaanku sendu kelabu

Angin bertiup
Membisikkan kata cintamu
Walau kau tak di sisiku

Pasir berkata
Bukan sekarang waktunya, teman
Ada yang masih harus kauselesaikan

Awan membentuk
Impian indah kita berdua
Saatnya nanti akan tiba

The Dream

The dream is over
I have to wake up
The night gets colder
I'm trying to get the nub

The empty bed I stare at
Telling me I'm not fine
I should have known that
You could never be mine

What was I thinking
To wish we could be one
Don't know what life's bringing
If I can't be with who I want

Now my future seems feeble
But I know this way is better
Because there are people
Hurt when we're together

Your Love

Your love makes me happy
It lightens up even the bluest of my day
Your love makes me believe
I'm worth a lot more than I thought I was

Your love gives me laughter
Of stories you share with me about the past
Your love makes me cry
On how you treat me like no other man did before

Your love makes me feel warm
You comfort me between my worries and weary heart
Your love makes me feel blessed
Because I know God take care of me by sending you

Your love makes me act like a child
Who seeks attention and affection from her parents
Your love makes me feel like a woman
Who flies to the sky while stands on earth at the same time

Your love makes me powerful
I could bear anything the world is challenging me
Your love makes me so grateful
Because not everyone is experiencing such great love

Thank you for your love
I am loved and it is precious
I don't want anything else in life
Because your love is everything I need