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Woke up this morning and I feel pain It was sadness before but now I feel lost Feels like being punished just for being So much in love with you but it's forbidden You put smile on my face, the best one ever But it's taken away from me, it hurts like shit Like finding a gown that fits but too expensive I can only adore you for I'm not allowed to steal You came out of nowhere, out of my league Touched my heart so gentle just by holding hands You showed me love so true I didn't know existed Now I have to let you go, tell me how do I do that? I no longer ask the 'why', I prefer the 'how' How much joy you bring to me just by your 'hello' How your love heals all of my previous wounds And whispering to me it's gonna be all right With you it's just love, somehow it scares me I've been in pain for so long, I wasn't prepared Now I know what those love songs' about I really wish this won't be a sad one If I

Can You Imagine

Can you imagine How perfect we could be The way you look at me The way you hold my hand The way you protect me And how I cherish all that Can you imagine Our life together You'll make a living I'll make you home You'll do your hobby I'll be your cheerer Can you imagine If life is that simple That you were mine And I am yours But in this lifetime ours isn't And I really don't know what to do