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Phone Call

Hello, Love. How are you doing? It's been a while, you know. I'm kinda surprised. Hey, Sugar. Your voice is still the same. Sounds kinda distant, tho. You sounds hurt. You know what, Hon? I'm glad that you call. You still remember my day. Am I still that special, too, you mean? Yes, Sweetheart. I understand my place now. I'm not supposed to have hopes. Love is no longer ours. But you should know, Dear. My heart still feels the same. I still love you even after it all. And will always do no matter what. I don't mean to burden you, Babe. We really should go our own ways now. And it's far too late to go back. Nothing left in that place we had ruined once. Okay now, Darling. You gotta hang up, I can hear it. Too much pain and memories you just opened. But too quick we should end it now here. Bye-bye, Love. It's just so nice to hear your voice again. Tho it's just for a glimpse and a brief. Still, it's enough for my l