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The Path

Nothing is fair in love and war
Now I find how true the words are Tho us could be a perfect match Some things are already attached
This can only go wrong It's not simply about the song Something more already bloomed But we don't wanna be doomed
You sure must go on your way Don't let me be your dismay As the path you have already chosen A pact you made is not to be broken
Apparently you are not going Whatever it is that you are holding Now I must take the first step To be free from your trapping web
We are not going anywhere That, we are already aware Let's just keep this sweet memory As something complimentary

Pernah Satu

Pasangan jiwa, apa kabarmu
Lama kita tak bertemu
Mungkin dua, tiga hidup lalu
Kita memang pernah satu

Semua mudah bersamamu
Dua jam cukup tuk mengenalmu
Terasa kau mengertiku

Mungkinkah ini kebetulan
Tanyaku pada rembulan
Tutur kata yang kau ucap
Kuyakin pernah kukecap

Entah ke mana angin membawa
Kuyakin engkau pasangan jiwa
Walau kita tak bersama kini
Kita pernah satu, kutau pasti

Won't Be A Trouble

Sometimes a simple ride on the bike
Can bring us something we might like The deep words we exchange Opens gate of a new chance
To me you were a stranger But in just hours we get closer I once said no to love before Now take back what I vowed for

Said sweet words to my ears In silence I wish you'd never leave Never thought I'd ever met you Now I find it's hard to forget you
Be with you, it feels so fine But I know that you are not mine Soon you will have to go Leaving my heart hurting so
Us won't be a trouble, you promised  But I can't be that selfish It's much better to forget me I will be okay without thee